Volunteering Pt. 2 – I’m in love with South Africa

December 31st, 2013



Second day at the orphanage is also the very last day of 2013!!


Every morning, we always start with Circle Time, where we bring all the kids into a classroom and sing for about an hour. Some children could barely speak English but could sing all the songs perfectly. All of the songs involve some sort of dancing, and the faces on these kids when they did all the moves correctly were just pure joy and pride.


The “teachas” decided that we would go with the “flying” theme this week, so we made paper kites with the children today. I have about three kids in my class, and they are always so energetic. “Teacha! Teacha! Me! Me!” They couldn’t sit down and draw on their papers because they were so excited about absolutely everything, so I took the Disney princess stickers out, and oh my God did they love them. They all went crazy for the princesses! We decorated their papers with some more coloring and some stickers (even though they mostly put the stickers on their faces… it was soooo cute!), and I started making the kites for them. They were so confused at first then the kites were just laying on the ground, but when the breeze came and the kites went up, their faced turned into bright happiness as if nothing else in the world mattered to them at the moment. They stared at the kites as they kept on going up, and all of a sudden they started screaming “TEACHA! TEACHA! LOOK AT ME!” as they ran down the field showing off their kites to all of the other volunteers.


They appreciated such a simple and small thing in life to an extent that I could have never imagined, so why m I here craving for free wifi right now?


Traveling on a backpack and a small suitcase, I started to realize that my perspective has been changed… I wonder what life would have been like if I had been brought up at this orphanage, and one of the children was brought up by my parents? I haven’t done anything else but simply staying alive for the past 22 years to deserve an iPad Air for my birthday, so why am I living in such a different world than these kids? Why do I get to eat a hamburger whenever I want to yet these kids are surviving off of people’s donations?


I will never be able to answer these questions.


*breaths deeply*



Ps. went absolutely #WhiteGirlWasted for New Year’s Eve & kissed a 70-year-old lady at the bar last night. Wha?