#PrincessConfessions I

I started this blog because I wanted to keep track of my adventures this past summer, but since now I’m back at school for the year, I will not be having any cool travels for a while. I thought about deleting this blog, but writing it has grown on me – it pushes me to think further and to articulate myself better. So, in order to keep this blog alive, I am starting this new series of “#PrincessConfessions.” I will be talking about some deep, dark flaws about myself, and the reason why I’m doing this is because I need to face and accept these flaws in order to surpass them and become a flawless unicorn princess.


My first confession came into my mind when I was just taking a shower. My roommates and I were watching Maid in Manhattan: classic chic flick, and at the end, she gets the perfect man and all of her friends cheer for her. Now that’s where my conflict comes in. I’d like to think that I’d be happy for my friends too if they’re ever in JLo’s situation, but I really can’t say that with full honesty. I’d be happy for them ONLY if there is no conflict of interest.

That, to me, is so sad, realizing that I am not as saint-like as I’d like to be. For some reason, I have this obsession with perfection: I would really like my shirts to have no wrinkles, ever; for me to have amazing 6-pack all the time, not just in my dreams; for me to graduate first in my class; for me to be the most charming person you’ll ever meet, and the list goes on. I hate disappointing others, in anything. I’d like to finish all my homework for class so I can impress the professors. I’d like to live up to and beyond my parents’ expectations so that they can be proud of me, brag about me to their friends.

I am hoping that this blog can help myself come into accepting my flaws as a person. I have many, many flaws, and I hope by disarming myself, I can come to terms with these flaws, accept them, and move on.


Bryan “I’m actually in class right now and shouldn’t be updating my blog” Eric