Volunteering Pt. 3 – Weekend in Cape Town

January 5th, 2013

Cape Town, South Africa

Oh My God. Just got home from such an amazing weekend in Cape Town. I’m going to try to break down this huge journal into three parts: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:

January 3rd

The ride to Cape Town was only about 45 minutes long, but I still managed to fall asleep, haha! We stayed at a hostel called Ashanti, which is basically a hipster/youngnians’ dream hotel. It has high ceilings, fun décor, and an amazing bar. Even though my friends and I did not get to stay in the same room (because it is THAT popular!), I still enjoyed my stay very, very much.

We walked down by the Companies Garden to downtown Cape Town, and stopped by a really nice bar called Twenky’s Bar. Our afternoon plans of exploring Cape Town were stopped by liquor drinks, food, and free wi-fi.

Downtown Cape Town isn’t that big, but there are tons of places to explore and to walk. Time flew by when we were there, so we headed back to the hostel to freshen up for fancy dinner plans.

Mama Africa was super amazingly delicious!

I tried the lamb curry, which was actually the very first thing I saw on the menu, and I definitely would get it again and again if I ever go back! Live music, great décor, and friendly staff, Mama Africa was an amazing restaurant located right on Long Street. With a big, big dinner and a few liquor drinks after having played with the kids in the morning, Bry went back to the hostel to chill out at the bar before passing out.

January 4th

We walked around downtown Cape Town some more before meeting up with other volunteers who are staying at another hostel. We went to the Greenmarket where there’s a lot of bracelets and other souvenirs to choose from. As first time tourists here, we did not know how to bargain with the people on the price. I bought a bracelet that was 40 Rand, but later I saw another market selling it for 20. 40 Rand is about 4 dollars in the U.S., so I am not super bummed, but I wish I had fought harder haha! I hope he enjoyed the extra 20 Rand…

At noon, the paragliding company called and said that the mist had gone and we’re going to fly!! We took a cab to Signal Hill, and the entire ride there, my heart was pounding like crazy. I hate heights, and I hate losing control of where I am, so I honestly don’t even know why I signed up for paragliding. When the first out of four volunteers went up, my heart was pounding even faster (I’m surprised I didn’t get a heart attack!!)!! However, once we went up into the air, I felt like nothing else mattered. The world was so small compared to the ocean and the mountains, and I felt so free for once. However, the wind was so strong that I could not keep my eyes open. I couldn’t stop crying either, so in all of the pictures that were taken while we were up there, I looked like a mess – that’s why they will only be in my iPhoto and not shared anywhere else.

In the afternoon, we took a cab to Waterfront, a recently developed area (from what I saw) close to city center. The craft market and the food market were absolutely amazing! I can’t believe I thought I would survive with only $100 here in Cape Town for 2 weeks. I bought another bracelet there and some souvenir for friends and family. South African art and craft absolutely amaze me – while I think what I saw was really stereotypical and touristy, it was definitely one of the best parts of my weekend. The art is just breathe-taking as the color use is so different yet so fascinating.

January 5th

Sunday fun-day, we went on a tour with Bazbus, and we toured Seal Island, Cape Point, and Cape of Good Hope with them (along with a 5K bike ride but we will not talk about how that one time Bryan carried his bike uphill and fell on his a*s right when he was finishing up).

If you want to look at the amazingly beautiful pictures, which we both know that you do, go check out my Instagram: @bchou1234!!!

Okay free wi-fi is up now. Bye.


(OMG Qatar in 5 days)


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