Summer Trip Pt. 2 – London I

Yay! Bryan’s finally arrived in London! How cheeky ❤

However, my traveling to London was actually a struggle train, like this:


First, I left my house in Taipei at 4:30am to catch my 7am flight to Hong Kong. After hours of planning on sleeping, I realized I didn’t have any more time to sleep. Oops. After getting to the airport super fast because, well, there was no one on the road at 5 in the morning, they asked me to take an earlier flight to Hong Kong so I’d have more layover time there to catch my flight to London.


There goes Bryan! Bye Taiwan!

After many struggles, I’ve finally arrived at London, but little did I know that the real struggle had just begun. One, I was stuck at the airport for an hour after my arrival because something went wrong with my ride to the apartment I’m supposed to stay at.


But look at a brighter side, I finally came back to London since November! (Thanks Foursquare for reminding me about O’Neill’s haha definitely going back this summer!)


Only in London


Just another look of London, yet absolutely stunning

I got to the apartment, but realized I didn’t have a towel. Then, I found out that I didn’t get the two required books for the class this summer (hopefully my professor doesn’t see this blog. Oops!) and then the shower had low water pressure, most of the plugs in the flat don’t work, and the TV won’t turn on. And it hasn’t stopped raining since I got here. The weather is a lot colder than expected, but I packed one light sweatshirt and 4 pairs of shorts. Oops. On top of that I got a really bad eye infection in the morning – I wanted to share a picture, but let’s be honest, there’s already enough ugly pictures of Bryan circulating the World Wide Web.

This all sounds pretty awful, but somehow I’m still really digging London. The second day, my roommate Paige and I went on an adventure where I bought a very nice towel, a very nice jacket because I didn’t expect London to still be this cold at the end of May/June, and an umbrella that lasted for about, um, 10 minutes. We found this little cute pasta place by Bond Street tube station, so we decided to check it out. The restaurant was so high tech that we didn’t know what to do. Thankfully the employees there were very helpful and nice; they guided us through the steps of how to order on that giant touch screen. (The restaurant is called Love’s Fresh Pasta. Definitely check it out!) You could select the kind of pasta you want, the kind of sauce, any drinks you want to have, and the cheese on top of your pasta all by yourself.


Paige ordering via the touch screen


I got me some pesto! ❤

And then, we ran across this very old fashioned tube station, which is the first one I’ve seen for having been to London three times already. I thought it was really cool, so I tourist it out a little.


At night, we met up with our professor for some Indian dinner at Masala Zone, which is by the Palace Theater (literally across the street.) The decor was very interesting, with, I’d assume, Indian dolls handing from the ceiling and Indian music playing in the restaurant. The restaurant itself was actually huge with a basement, which is where we ate. We had a great first dinner together with the Advertising group – this is a group of kids you’d expect to be in the advertising business. Just like our Professor Brian Sheehan said, “You only live once.” This summer is definitely going to be an amazing experience!



My roommie Paige and I in a shameless selfie


Restaurant decoration




Kebab for starter!


This is what I had for dinner. It was absolutely delicious, but I was so full afterwards. I don’t usually eat till that full, but it was a free meal. One does not simply say no to a free meal.

After the dinner, we decided to go out. I suggested O’Neill’s Pub by Picadilly Circus because the last time I went in November I had a wonderful time (HELLO PRINCESSES!). Somehow all the SU people in the London program showed up, and we took over. Saw a few bar fights, was forced to drink beer by some German guy, danced Gangnam Style, and yelled a lot. What an amazing night.

I’m actually heading out to the Buckingham Palace tour right now (my first time being inside!) and tonight we welcome Zach Dorsen’s visit from Paris and then it’s London round 2! I’m very excited for this summer and can’t wait for my next blog post!

Again, thanks for reading about my life. I love you.

*hair flip*


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