Pre-Departure Thoughts – London here I come!


Photo taken during my Thanksgiving trip to Europe with the best princesses and my inspiration for the name of this blog Christina Fieni and Ally Santillo in 2012 ❤ Can’t believe I’m going back again!

I’m leaving for London in about 12 hours, and this time I’ll be there for 6 weeks with Syracuse University’s Comparative Cultures in Advertising summer program. I am beyond excited despite this being my third time visiting London. 

I’m excited because this time I’m going for a whole different purpose. My first time was a family trip, and my second time was for sight-seeing, touring, and pub-hopping. There will of course be some sight-seeing and definitely a lot of pub-hopping this summer, but I’m more excited to really dig into the local pop culture and custom and try to understand Britain in a different perspective. 

This summer, I also have the opportunity to visit around Europe while I’m in London. So far, I’ve planned visiting a great friend in Germany and visiting Belgium with my PhiDelt little (can’t wait to see you!)! After my 6 weeks in London, I’ll be spending another 3 weeks in Paris to study Design through Parsons The New School. This will be my forth time in Paris, but somehow every time I still fall in love with this amazing city. 


I’m also excited for my friends to come visit and explore the city and fun with me. I’m also excited to practice my French where I’ll be ordering lunches with difficult names for my friends and moi (see what I did there? Haha!). Hopefully I’ll have time between school and fun to manage this blog! 

I feel very fortunate for these opportunities. I absolutely love traveling – I always feel more informed, more connected, more mature, and more enriched after a visit to somewhere I’m not too familiar or comfortable with. Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned about how I want to live my life have come from outside the classroom, so hopefully I’ll be able to put myself in situations where I can fully explore these places and also my perspective. 


Europe here I come! Here’s to a great summer and amazing stories to share! Hopefully I’ll come back more grown up, more experienced, and most importantly in one piece. 





ps. be sure to follow my trip via my Instagram and Twitter: bchou1234

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